WavTap Grabs Sound Clips As Easily As Snapping Screenshots

WavTap Grabs Sound Clips As Easily As Snapping Screenshots

WavTap records sound with a keyboard shortcut.

Snapping a screenshot on your Apple device is dead easy: home-plus-sleep-button for iOS, and Command-Shift-4 (or others) for the Mac. But what about snapping a sound-shot, i.e. grabbing a snippet of your system audio?

Well, you could fire up Quicktime and start dickering around with that. Or you could install WavTap and then hit Command-Control-Space.

WavTap is a fork of the excellent Soundflower, itself a low-level app which routes audio from all sources to any output you like. Unlike Soundflower, WavTap is dead simple – although you can get more advanced if you like.

The good news is that you can now record snatches of sound as easily as you can snap and share screenshots. The bad news is that you’ll need to download the source code from GitHub and compile it yourself. Or you could wait – we’re pretty sure somebody will release this as a regular launchable binary (aka. app) sometime soon.

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