View 360-Degree Martian Panoramas With Your Gyroscope-Equipped iOS Device

View 360-Degree Martian Panoramas With Your Gyroscope-Equipped iOS Device

Search for Martians using your pocket computer.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Then take a look at this 360-degree panorama of the surface of Mars, complete with cameo appearance by the Curiosity rover. And here’s the (literal) twist: the picture is gyroscope-friendly, so you can scan the surface of the Red Planet by sweeping your iOS device up and down, left and right.

Commenter Steve Nocholson over at Tidbits puts it best:

Wow! If you told me a little over thirty years ago when I was learning to program my Commodore Pet that I’d be scanning the surface of Mars with my handheld computer I would have thought you were nuts.

If I had a really long face, or a very low chair, my jaw would have been literally on the floor when I saw this. There’s something about viewing it this way that makes the scene seem like you’re seeing it through a window. And it also shows just how great a 2MP camera can do when the pictures are stitched together.

This panorama is a few days old (not that things are likely to change much), but the site is adding new ones, too. Enjoy your weekend!

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