NoteBook for Mac by Circus Ponies [Deal Ending!]

NoteBook for Mac by Circus Ponies [Deal Ending!]

Where do you take notes? I mean on your Mac. Notebook apps are a thing of mine. So today’s deal for NoteBook by Circus Ponies certainly got my attention. I took a look at it (how could I not and you know I’m pretty impressed. Sure, fine, Evernote is a behemoth in the note taking world. It’s also not the best note taking app though. It has a lot of limitations that bug me. What I like about NoteBook is that it’s task focused. You create notebooks based on what you’re starting point is. Writing a paper, starting a project, or just keeping a journal you get a nice, organized starting point.

Like this default project plan notebook:

NoteBook for Mac by Circus Ponies [Deal Ending!]

Of course you can change all these, add sections, do whatever you need, but the point is that you’re starting off on the right foot. That’s essential folks. Blank notebooks are flexible, but also daunting.

Your notebooks can have a great mix of web clips, drawings, audio notes, text, images, sticky notes, sticky flags and other things that Evernote certainly lacks. The way I look at it, NoteBook reminds me of my favorite iPad notebook apps. You get flexibility, some organization to start you off, and the ability to combine things together that you can’t do on paper.

I think it’s worth a serious look and the deal on now makes it an attractive bargain at 50% off: NoteBook by Circus Ponies

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