iPhone 5’s New Nano-SIM Tray Gets Pictured

iPhone 5’s New Nano-SIM Tray Gets Pictured

This is the nano-SIM tray your iPhone 5 will carry.

After getting its nano-SIM (4FF) proposal approved by the ETSI earlier this year, Apple’s new technology was always going to make its debut in the sixth-generation iPhone. And in case you needed proof of that, here are several pictures of the new iPhone’s nano-SIM tray up against the iPhone 4S’s micro-SIM tray. As you can see, it’s significantly smaller this time around, measuring less than a centimeter wide.

The nano-SIM is shaped just like the micro-SIM, and the SIM card that came before it. But it’s 40% smaller than the micro-SIM, and measures 2.3mm wide by 8.8mm high, and 0.67mm thick. Like its predecessor, the nano-SIM requires devices to utilize a SIM card tray, which is one of the reasons why rival smartphone manufacturers were against Apple’s proposal.

iPhone 5’s New Nano-SIM Tray Gets Pictured

iPhone 5’s New Nano-SIM Tray Gets Pictured

French site NowhereElse reports that carriers are already making large orders for the nano-SIM in anticipation of Apple’s new iPhone unveiling later this year. According to recent reports from a number of reliable sources, Apple’s event will be held on September 12.

What’s interesting about this nano-SIM tray isn’t just its size, but also its color. Existing iPhone SIM trays are the same color as the device that houses them — so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb — which suggests the new iPhone could be available with a black frame as well as a silver one, as some leaked parts have suggested.

Of course, it’s also possible this is simply a prototype tray used for testing, and that its color means nothing.

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