Creative Design Bundle 2.0 [Deals]

Creative Design Bundle 2.0 [Deals]

Let me paint a scenario for you. You’re a creative type. Maybe professionally or as a hobby or maybe you’re just the go-to person in the office. You need to pull a rabbit out of your hat—again— and you’ve got nuthin‘. Like less than nuthin’. What you need are some creative resources to browse through and use for your project.

Most of us have a few things stashed away to use, but those get old and stale fast. Which is why from time to time you need to pick up some new fonts, textures, graphics, icons, and such. Something like The Creative Design Bundle 2.0.

Creative Design Bundle 2.0 [Deals]

Beyond the awesome vector images, templates, HTML 5 pieces and parts, you also get the Freelance Survival Kit (which I wish I had when I first started freelancing ten (ish) years ago.

How much for all this stuff? Couple hundred bucks? Sure that would be a fair price I think, except we don’t do fair price we do awesome price so this bundle is only $49 (saving you a cool $1000).

Like the The iStack Mac Bundle (which is ending soon, btw) this is a no-brainer bundle to pick up.

Go for it.

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