These Mac Utilities And Enterprise Tools Are Ready To Roll With Mountain Lion

These Mac Utilities And Enterprise Tools Are Ready To Roll With Mountain Lion

Some Mac security and Mac management tools already support Mountain Lion, but there are many that haven’t gotten their yet.

Many Mountain Lion apps will function normally under Mountain Lion, but many won’t. Of particuar concern are the various utilities that help keep Mac systems secure, scan for viruses and malware, integrate with enterprise systems in businesses and schools, and dianose and repair problems.

These tools often require much deeper integration with OS X than other apps. That means that developers need to ensure they function as intended and don’t damage any documents, files, OS X system components, or other apps. That can sometimes delay releases of key utilities.

Here’s a list of Mac utilities and enterprise tools that have confirmed Mountain Lion Compatibility

AntiVirus and Security Tools

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Norton AntiVirus 12.3
  • Norton Internet Security 5.3
  • Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac
  • VirusBarrier 6

Enterprise solutions


If you want to search for a specific utility not included in this list, RoaringApps is a great place to start, particularly for apps whose developers have remained quiet about their Mountain Line support.
  • YodaMac

    Carbon Copy Cloner can be made to be ML compatible, but only with a paid upgrade. And as of yesterday, CCC is no longer “free” (donationware) – they’ve gone commercial.

  • Aaron

    Please fix the caption of the picture. “There” not “their”.

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