Video Concept: Expose For iPhone App Screens


Swedish design firm Ocean Observations has created this interesting mock-up of an Exposé-like feature for the iPhone.

In this mock-up, hitting the iPhone’s home button brings up an overview of all the device’s screenloads of apps; just tap one to jump straight to it.

It’s a nicely made concept – I like the inclusion of a search box at the top – but I’m not sure it would be workable. For one thing, any more than nine screens of apps would be difficult to display; and as some commenters point out, at such tiny resolution it might still be hard to find the app you wanted.

That said, I’m still not keen on the idea of “pages” of apps, and having tried to manually re-arrange them in iTunes 9, I’m more convinced than ever that trying to keep them in some kind of order is a waste of time. You’re better of depending on the built-in search function added in 3.0. But that’s worth explaining in a post of its own, which I’ll publish in a day or so.

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