Try The New Found Update For Mac And Be Entered To Win A New MacBook Pro With Retina Display! [Giveaway]



When you have a lot of documents, pictures, songs, and videos on your Mac fighting for every last kilobyte of space, finding the right file at a moment’s notice can be an impossibly long and tiring task. Add in the complications and fragmentation that we get from the “Cloud” where we share different files on Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Docs, and the search gets exponentially harder.

Found is a lightning-fast search tool for your Mac that wants to put an end to all that rubbish and help you find your files wherever they are. It’s an awesome, easy-to-use app with a gorgeous interface and the makers just came out with a new update that makes it even better. A few weeks ago Found gave three lucky Cult of Mac readers a free MacBook Air for trying out the app. Well, they’re back, and the prize is even bigger for Cult of Mac readers who download Found’s newest update.

If you want to search files on your Mac with ease, AND win a free MacBook Pro with Retina display, then all you got to do is follow these simple rules:

Contest Entry Requirements

1) Join the Cult of Mac promotional mailing list.

2) Download Found and enter in-app the same email address as in Step 1.

3) Tweet the following: “Find even more on your Mac and in the cloud with the newest update for @Found to win a new Macbook Pro Retina!”


On Saturday, July 14th at 10pm PST, we will draw one random winner who will receive a free 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display for trying out Found’s newest update. You’ve got to play to win though, so hurry up and get to downloading and tweeting.

Good luck!

AND WE HAVE A WINNER! Congratulations to @ApplesMcGee who won the drawing.

Thanks for playing everyone. Stay tuned for more great giveaways coming soon.



Terms and Conditions:

Contest is open to U.S. residents only. No purchase necessary to enter. Must be 18 years or older to win.


Deals of the Day

  • Buster

    If you don’t see the text field for the email subscription, you can click the Submit button and it will open up the form in a separate window for you to fill out

  • Erevos

    Fingers crossed, I wanted one of those so much!

  • citadelsix

    Done! Great looking app!

  • Brandon Gregg

    Every toe and finger crossed

  • TKHines

    Nice app! I’m not just saying it to win the MBP (although I’m sure it won’t hurt).

  • dordor2012

    Nice App :) Works extremly faster than spotlight.

  • alexbernard90

    Great looking app, good gmail & google drive integration, easy quick way to sift through my email w/out having to pull open a browser. A 15 inch MacBook Pro to add to my collection would be great as well, just saying.

  • habsfan324

    Entered, thanks :) Found looks awesome, especially now that spotlight is so cluttered. Winning the retina macbook pro would be a dream come true :)

  • dickybell

    Tried it, and it works great. I finally found my freakin’ resume…

  • Germán Villacreces

    I tried it, its a pretty cool app but very limited for what I thought it did. I was hoping this was a worthy competitor for Quicksilver but its not at all. Quicksilver does what this app does and way more (except for integrating cloud services which Im sure its just a matter of creating a plugin for QS :) ) It is really fast I have to agree.

  • buttmuffin

    done!! awesome app!

  • DJRosko82

    Hey Buster-I’m already subscribed to the CoM deals-does that mean I can’t enter??

  • Buster

    Hey Buster-I’m already subscribed to the CoM deals-does that mean I can’t enter??

    of course you can still enter. If you’ve already signed up and downloaded the app during the last giveaway, then you just need to tweet about it

  • David Gallant

    “Contest is open to U.S. residents only”

    But but… I’m Canadian… :-( I will try it out anyway.

  • sergiomiranda

    Great app, not so great to be discriminated in the giveaway for living outside the US (yes, legal issues and what not…)

  • Themetris

    Fingers crossed to the point of joint failure!

  • DesignProphets

    Ok, so I only downloaded the app to enter for a new laptop (I desperately need one for my business), but I LOVE it! I’ve been using it constantly since I installed it. My poor pinky finger is exhausted from double-tapping the “Control” button!!!

  • MikeSharkeyy

    It’s pretty neat, I was surprised! Can anyone tell me how to sign up for the mailing list?

  • bd7349

    Literally praying I win, I need this rMBP! This would be perfect for college in a few months!

  • tdmac

    Hmmm, hot blonde wins mbp/retina….what up wit dat Bust-a-move?