Check Out This Fantastic, Minimal Wallpaper For All Of Your Retina Apple Devices

Check Out This Fantastic, Minimal Wallpaper For All Of Your Retina Apple Devices

Pixel perfection.

Tried of staring at Apple’s default galaxy wallpaper on your brand new MacBook Pro with Retina display? Need a change of pace on your iPhone and iPad? How about a gorgeous, minimal wallpaper that’s been crafted for each of Apple’s Retina devices?

Instagram designer Tim Van Damme decided to create a multicolor wallpaper design and give it away for everyone to enjoy. “Inspired by the gorgeous screen of the new Retina MacBook Pro, I wanted to design a new wallpaper for all my Retina devices (MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad), and my 27’ Cinema Display.”

I have to say, the 2880×1800 MacBook Pro version is stunning. Head over to Tim’s Dribble account to download each wallpaper. I’m rocking them on all of my devices, and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Stevejods

    Alex Heath has no sense of taste. I saw this image in dribbble, but it’s ugly as hell.
    Or you trying to promote this designer?

  • mbritten

    All the style of a paint swatch from Home Depot.

  • BCE

    What’s so bad about it? I think it looks fine. Damn, people will bitch about anything and everything on here!

  • smashingeeks

    I have also gathered up Minimal Wallpapers, hope you would like it

  • Tallest_Skil

    Exactly, it’s not too bad, but the squares are too small.

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