Mc Loud iOS Media App Streams Movies And Music From The Cloud

Mc Loud iOS Media App Streams Movies And Music From The Cloud

Mc Loud streams music and movies from the Dropbox

After a day of dumb product names (Adixxion, Shoqbox), I’m glad to be able to bring you an app named Mc Loud. You’ll see how clever that name is when I tell you what it does: Mc Loud streams music and movies direct from your Dropbox account.

MC. MC Loud. Cloud. Nice. The $3 app connects to your Dropbox and from there you can browse and play music and movies in a custom-designed interface. Now, in theory you can play music right there in the free Dropbox app, but its a horrible experience – like going back to keeping your songs in folders and playing them in the Finder.

In fact, the iPad version of Mc Loud looks better than the built-in music player, coming on like a light-themed Spotify.

And Spotify is the one problem here. I don’t keep any music or movies in Dropbox as there seems little point. Anything I want I can stream from Spotify, and I can even keep offline playlists for those network down times.

And if it isn’t on Spotify? I can keep a small selection in the Music app.

Movies are another matter, but if I have Wi-Fi (streaming movies over cellular is a quick way to kill your bandwidth allowance), then I likely also have a computer nearby from whence I can stream locally.

Still, many people will have use for this app, and for them $3 is likely a great deal for such a polished-looking piece of software.

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