CineXPlayer Update Adds IMDB Integration and Mysterious ‘Screenager’ Mode

CineXPlayer Update Adds IMDB Integration and Mysterious ‘Screenager’ Mode

The new browser-based remote is ugly but effective.

CineXPlayer, the excellent, rock-solid, play-anything video player for iOS, had gotten yet another big update. Every time the app is bumped to a new version, I wonder what the developers will be able to add next time. And today’s answer is… Quite a lot.

First up is web integration. There was already a browser, but with the new “Screenager” mode you can turn the iPad to portrait format and the screen will split to show a browser in the bottom half. God knows why anyone but an ADD teen would use this, which accounts for the name I guess.

You can also pull up IMDB info from the player screen (handy for those “what was he in?” moments).

Then there’s the sharing. You can share a movie with another CineXPlayer user directly over Wi-Fi, and even stream movies to a browser on the same network. And you can now browse and remote-control the app from any other device.

This comes in addition to support for just about any movie format, direct playing from Dropbox, 3-D, Dolby Surround and new batch organizing features.

With most (ahem) torrent files coming in MP4 format these days, I have less use for CineXPlayer, but it’s still there on my iPad for emergencies. When everything else goes wrong, CineXPlayer will usually come through.

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