Nike+ Running For iPhone Gets Fresh New Look, Lots Of New Features In Version 4.0


The latest update brings a nice new look to Nike+ Running for iPhone.
The latest update brings a nice new look to Nike+ Running for iPhone.

Nike+ Running for iPhone has received a huge update this morning, which not only introduces a fancy new look, but plenty of great new features as well.

It’s now even faster to get into a run thanks to the dedicated run button seen throughout the app, and the new landscape history view allows you to “visualize your runs side-by-side.” One of the update’s most impressive new features, however, is the ability to “tag” your running shoes and get a reminder when it’s time for a new pair.

“The most popular running app on iTunes just got a fresh new look for summer.”

And it’s a great new look, too. It’s not vastly different from the old one; it still maintains that red and white look. But it is cleaner and clearer, and much nicer to look at.

In addition to the new ‘Run’ button, which you’ll find in most parts of the app, Nike+ Running now allows you to compare your last run against your previous 7 runs, getting “fresh insight based on your latest activity every time you come back to the app.” Swipe down on the home screen to see your next moves, and turn your iPhone into landscape mode on the history page to visualize your runs side-by-side and keep an eye on your progress.

The new Run Summary allows you to view the route you ran, tag how you felt during your workout, and make notes of the terrain. You don’t need to record the weather, though — the app will do that for you automatically. You can also turn your device into landscape within the Run Summary screen to see a breakdown of your run divided into miles.

Finally, the most impressive feature for me is “shoe tagging.” This allows you to type in the name of your running shoes and track the distance you travel in them. The app will then alert you when it might be time to pick up a new pair.

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  • cmadrigal

    Where does one find the shoe tagging? I want to start using this feature, but can’t seem to find where to enter the data for my shoes

    Do I need to enter it after the 1st run with the new app?

  • tabhastal

    Killian have you actually tried this new update? If you had you would know that it doesn’t work!!! There are dozens of one star reviews on the app store explaining that it is broken. Thanks for wasting my time.