Display Recorder Captures iOS Screencasts Without A Jailbreak

Display Recorder Captures iOS Screencasts Without A Jailbreak

If you want jerky screencasts, grab Display Recorder before Apple axes it.

Quick! If you have any need for an iOS screen-recording app, and you don’t mind wasting $2, then go download Display Recorder right now. Don’t worry – I’ll wait.

Usually, if you want to record the goings on on your iPhone or iPad’s screen, you need to either mirror it via a cable to a recording device, point a camera at it or jailbreak the thing. Now there is a fourth, and Apple-approved, way. For now, at least.

Display Recorder is an app-store app which does what it says: record the screen. You start the app, press record and go on about your tasks. The app continues in the background, grabbing both video and sound.

It works great (although a bug in the current version means it won’t actually record video unless your region formats are set to US), and you can specify various audio codecs, video quality settings and even choose “direct access” or “screen capture” modes. Direct access tapes the whole thing, whereas screen capture appears to omit various transitions between screens and apps.

The only problem is that it is jerky. The results might be good for showing a friend something cool (via the built-in YouTube uploader) but for screencasts it doesn’t really cut it.

Then again, I’m capturing video from the huge screen on the iPad 3, so it may be better with smaller devices.

Anyhow, as this kind of thing seems counter to Apple’s App Store rules, it might be worth grabbing this quick if you have any need for it. You never know how long these things will last before Apple spoils the party.

  • diosporff

    I’m a bit surprised that there would be a story about an app that ripped off another app – a jailbreak app by Ryan Petrich.

  • Jonathan Ober

    don’t buy…get the jailbreak version and let credit go where credit is due :)

  • MacHead84

    Its mostly likely “jerky” because its not actually recording anything but stringing together a rapid succession of screenshots.

  • MacHead84

    don’t buy…get the jailbreak version and let credit go where credit is due :)

    Considering the Jailbreakers have credited a platform for easily stealing developers paid appstore apps, I find the irony of the people crying foul quite humorous. (Cue the “thats not what jailbreaking is about” crowd) Sure its not losers. Its about SBsettings LOL, right maybe for 5% the other 95% of jailbreaks who are under 17 are nothing but app thieves.

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