Reeder For iPhone Gets Rewritten From The Ground Up, Delivers Stacks Of New Features


The iPhone's best Google Reader client is now even better.

Reeder is, in my opinion, by far the best Google Reader client for both Mac and iOS. And it just got even better on the iPhone. After being rewritten from the ground up, Reeder now offers stacks of new features, like Fever syncing, support for multiple accounts, the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe from feeds, and more. It even has a pretty new icon.

Reeder version 3.0, which is available to download from the App Store now, is one of the biggest updates to the iPhone app so far. It employs the latest Google Reader authorization, support for new services, and shifts all the settings option from the Settings app to the Reeder app itself.

Reeder's pretty, new icon is an improvement over the last one.

Its release notes detail the new features:

What’s new:

– Fever syncing (
– Much improved Readability syncing
– Multi-Account support (for Google Reader and Fever)
– In-app settings
– Subscribe and unsubscribe (Google Reader only)
– Text size and line height options in the article viewer

New sharing services:

– (
– Buffer (

There are two caveats to this update, however. First, it requires iOS 5.1 or later, so don’t update if you’re not running the latest versions of iOS. Second, this release doesn’t yet include Facebook integration, so if you share a lot of stories with your friends on Facebook, it might be best to wait for this feature to arrive before updating the app.

Apart from that, Reeder 3.0 is terrific on the iPhone.

Source: App Store

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  • omeraloni

    Reeder is the kind of app that if it wasn’t updated for a long time, you know it’s because a big update is coming and not because it’s dead.