Even Stanley Kubrick Would Love This Epic ’2001’ iPhone Dock Made Out Of LEGO

Even Stanley Kubrick Would Love This Epic ’2001’ iPhone Dock Made Out Of LEGO

The only thing missing from this iPhone docking recreation of 2001's Dawn of Man segment is some Strauss.

At the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s cosmic exploration on the evolution of mind in the universe, a bunch of man-apes in Africa discover a mysterious, jet black monolith. Upon touching it, almost worshipfully, they make an evolutionary leap in intelligence and begin to use the bones of animals as clubs to wage war upon competing tribes of apes.

2001’s monolith is iconic, and it’s common to joke about the similarity in shape between Kubrick’s big, ominous slab of intelligence-evolving basalt and Steve Jobs’s iPhone, but man, whoever built this 2001 docking station for his iPhone out of LEGO bricks — complete with tiny LEGO bones and monkeys, with the iPhone standing as the monolith above a worshipful tribe of man apes — just ran with it.

Here’s the original scene from the movie, where the apes first encounter the Monolith. (Sorry, embedding is disabled on the YouTube video.)

Here’s what happens when the apes evolve:

And here’s what the bloody outcome of intelligence is:

  • BiancaMol

    ahahah I LOVED it. I’m the biggest fan of Kubrick I know (!), love this movie and love LEGO. shut up and take my money!

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