Lightroom 4, Now Available In The Mac App Store


Lightroom 4 is now in the Mac App Store

Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom 4 can now be bought from the Mac App Store. The RAW photo editing app joins Adobe’s own Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, and is Adobe’s first full-featured flagship application to make it into the store.

Lightroom is an excellent app, which I have used since version 1. I find most of Apple’s pro apps hard to use and messy, so Lightroom is my go-to editing and organizing app, on my Mac at least.

And now its in the Mac App Store. Specifically, it’s in the U.S app store only, and isn’t going to be available in any other countries anytime soon. Not that you should care. The app-store version costs the same $149 as the regular download, but that regular download comes with a license that can be used on Macs or PCs.

Further, you will not be eligible for upgrade pricing, either from a previous version you might own or for Lightroom 5 when it launches in the future. You’ll be stuck paying full price for each and every update.

Another, smaller, concern is that updates will come slower than for those of use with the non-app store versions, simply because of Apple’s approval process.

Still, it certainly makes things easier, and you can legitimately share the same copy across all your Macs. Lightroom 4 is available now.

Source: iTunes
Via: Adobe Blogs

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  • Andrew John

    Geez, it’s not priced at $2,500? Adobe must be slipping with their licensing fees.