Think You’re A Mac Fan? How About a $1,300 LED Logo Shirt

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Freelance journalist and Mac fanatic Domenico Panacea wanted to get his hands on this Philips Lumalive t-shirt with an integrated LED screen.

“Wanted” is perhaps an understatement: Panacea forked over €900 euros (about $1,300)  to spend a month with the scintillant shirt.

Normally used for publicity stunts — like this one where pretty young women attract attention for an ice cream in Istanbul — the shirts have 128MB of memory that can blink out 10 minutes of text, images and animations at 40 fps. They glow for four hours at a time before needing a recharge.

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Think You’re A Mac Fan? How About a $1,300 LED Logo Shirt

But the regular characters weren’t enough for Panacea: he programmed an Apple logo into his to be able to wear his favorite company on his chest.

That’s some serious cult of mac. Take heart, though, less flush fan boys/girls can always light up their disco nights with the ready-to-wear version.


  • Allanpocket231

    on pourrait faire un petit prix parce que ses vraiment cher900  euro ses vraiment cher

    it could be a small price because its really really expensive cher900 its euro

  • Tallest_Skil

    No, no. That’s a joke.

    The guy’s a doctor and his name is Panacea?!

    That’s like an ice cream man named Cone…

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