Instacast Gets Huge 2.0 Update With Stacks Of New Features & Improvements


Instacast 2.0 is the app's biggest update yet.
Instacast 2.0 is the app's biggest update yet.

Instacast, undoubtedly the best podcast manager for iOS, just got a whopping update that includes a long list of new features and improvements. In addition to a “revamped and improved” user interface, the update brings episode archiving, a sleep timer, a download manager, and lots, lots more.

The update is available to Instacast users with an iPhone now. Its long list of changes includes:

  • Revamped and improved user interface
  • Episode archiving
  • Improved Podcast Player with:
  • Sleep Timer
  • Continuous Playback backward and forward
  • List of episode links
  • Sharing of playback position via email and Twitter
  • Chapter Navigation
  • Improved podcast Auto-Download management
  • Download Manager with:
  • Pause and cancel downloads
  • Reorder downloads to set priority
  • Improved podcast feed parser with:
  • Support for Atom feeds
  • Support for MP3 chapter markers
  • Support for Multi-Format Podcasts
  • Support for Episode Deep Linking
  • VoiceOver support
  • Data Export

And if that wasn’t enough, users can also upgrade to Instacast Pro through an in-app purchase price at $1.99, which adds playlists and smart playlists; bookmarks with import/export; settings for individual podcasts; and push notifications for new episodes.

Source: Instacast

Deals of the Day

  • jyrodgers

    Downcast is a much better podcast manager that has had these “new” features for months.

  • Luis Garza

    “Push notifications for new podcasts”? Does this mean they took that off the current version of instacast? if so, I’m going back to Catcher! or give Downcast a try.

  • Timothy Williamson

    I’ve been happy with Pocket Casts, which has had most of these features for a long time as well.