This Week’s Must-Have iOS Games: Lego Harry Potter, DreamWorks Dragons & More [Roundup]


Lego Harry Potter is back on iOS, Toothless the dragon makes his App Store debut, and there's a wonderful little adventure games in this week's roundup.
Lego Harry Potter is back on iOS, Toothless the dragon makes his App Store debut, and there's a wonderful little adventure game in this week's roundup.

Lego Harry Potter is finally back on iOS to play out his final years at Hogwarts, and he’s at the top of this week’s pick of must-have iOS games. Toothless from DreamWork’s How To Train Your Dragon also makes his App Store debut in a terrific physics-based puzzle game, and we’ve chosen one of the cutest adventure games you’ll ever play.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 — Universal ($4.99)


The sequel to Lego Harry Potter’s first five years has finally made its way to iOS. The first game in this series was hugely popular, and this one promises to be even better. It continues the saga and plays out Harry’s final years at Hogwarts, including an explosive battle with Lord Voldemort in the “ultimate fight between good and evil.”

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 promises to deliver stunning 3D graphics, intuitive touchscreen controls, competitive leaderboards, and over 25 achievements for you to unlock. If you were a fan of the first game, this one should be at the top of your shopping list this weekend.

DreamWorks Dragons: TapDragonDrop — Universal ($1.99)


Toothless, the lovable fire-breathing dragon from the hit 2010 film How To Train Your Dragon, makes his debut on iOS in DreamWorks Dragons: TapDragonDrop, a colorful physics-based puzzle game from development studio PikPok.

The title allows you to play as both Toothless and Hiccup through more than “40 challenging levels from the boundless Dragon world.” Collect the viking treasure scattered in each level and you’ll unlock a number of “secret hero levels.”

My Little Hero — iPhone ($0.99)


My Little Hero is a wonderful adventure game with a great storyline, gorgeous visuals, and excellent gameplay.

… this captivating tale unfolds when a boy’s best friend, Pinky, gets kidnapped by the evil Boogeyman. Track down the Boogeyman while venturing through the enchanting worlds of Dark Forests, Muddy Deserts, Mushy Swamps and the ultimate destination – the Boogeyman’s Nest.

Throughout your journey you’ll solve puzzles, find hidden treasures, and “confront all the enemies of your childhood dreams.” There are four stunning worlds for you to explore with a promise of more to come in a future update, 31 hidden collectibles, and plenty more to enjoy.

Brainsss — Universal ($2.99)


Yes, Brainsss is yet another zombie game for the App Store. But wait — this one features a unique twist and it’s a whole lot of fun. Rather than running from zombies, killing zombies, or defending your house from zombies, in Brainsss you are the zombie.

As a member of the undead, your aim is to recruit other zombies to your group and take down mankind. Keep building your swarm until its big enough to break down the human defenses throughout a ton of good-looking levels set in suburbia, hospitals, parking lots, airports, cities, and more. There are over 70 achievements to collect along your way, and the title’s developer promises a brand new level each week.

What’s Your Favorite?

So that concludes our list of this week’s must-have iOS games. If you’ve picked up something that you think we should have included, be sure to let us know about it in the comments.

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