Microsoft’s SkyDrive App Gets iPad Support, Photo & Video Uploading, And Simple Sharing

Microsoft’s SkyDrive App Gets iPad Support, Photo & Video Uploading, And Simple Sharing

SkyDrive is even better on iOS with the app's latest update.

With the widely-rumored Google Drive service set to launch sometime this week, its rivals are scrambling to ensure they still have the upper hand when it comes to cloud-based storage. We’ve already seen an update to Dropbox this week, and now Microsoft is bringing new features to its SkyDrive app for iOS.

In addition to support for the iPad and its high-resolution Retina display, SkyDrive 2.0 also offers a number of handy new features.

You can now upload multiple photos and videos to your SkyDrive accounts directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And once they’re uploaded, you can quickly share them with friends and family simply by emailing or texting them a direct link.

Files and folders can now be moved around, renamed, and deleted, and you can create new folders directly from your iOS device. Finally, users also have the ability to open their SkyDrive files in other iOS apps, meaning you can finally open your office documents in Pages, Numbers, Quickoffice and the like; import your pictures to iPhoto; or open PDFs in Adobe Reader.

Sure, its a Microsoft product, but actually SkyDrive is actually a pretty great service. If you aren’t already using a cloud-based storage solution, or you’re unhappy with your existing one, why not give it a whirl?

  • Rob Klaproth

    Installed it today on my iPad… Looks really good. Only thing missing is the ability to save a file from Pages back to Skydrive. Since Pages supports WebDAV maybe it’s already possible through a hack, not sure… But pretty cool overall.

  • loving_it

    One thing I like a lot about SkyDrive is the ability to create office documents from within it. Even if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed in your computer you can still create office files right there and share them.

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