London Apple Stores Begin Stocking International Parts For This Summer’s Olympic Games

London Apple Stores Begin Stocking International Parts For This Summer’s Olympic Games

Apple's stunning Covent Garden store will be one of the many London stores making provisions for international journalists.

Apple retail stores in London have begun stocking international parts ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games as the company prepares for an “onslaught” of international journalists seeking repairs. Many of the journalists covering the event, which kicks off on July 27, are expected to be carrying Apple notebooks, so international keyboards are expected to be high in demand.

Sources for TUAW claim, including a “high-level Apple retail employee” in London, have confirmed that stores in the London area will receive international keyboards for the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro should foreign journalists need prompt replacements while they’re in the capital.

As my source told me, “London is going to be overrun by an onslaught of journalists when the games begin. We want to be prepared should they need help with their equipment during the time they are here.”

Over 10,000 print journalists are expected to arrive in London for the Olympics, and that’s not counting the videographers, TV and radio reporters and editors, photographers, bloggers, and other journalists who will be in tow. And of course, there will also be around 325,000 visitors a day who will be in London to watch the games, some of which may also be carrying international Apple products.

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