Burnout Crash! Smashes Its Way Into The App Store Tomorrow, April 12




After teasing the game way back in October, Criterion will finally release Burnout Crash! for iOS tomorrow, April 12. The top-down racer will be Criterion’s first mobile game, and it’s already shaping up to be a huge hit. Even David Hasselhoff loves it, as you can see from the clip above.

Crash! is unlike traditional Burnout games, focusing instead on its “Crash Junction” mode. The object of the game is to cause as much carnage as you possible can by crashing into buildings, traffic, and special vehicles. Sounds fun, right? You can then use your best scores to challenge your friends via Autolog.

Crash! wasn’t received all that well by critics when it made its console debut back in September. But PocketGamer reports that Criterion has made a number of improvements to the title since then, making the mobile game all the more promising.

You can expect to see Burnout Crash! in the App Store from midnight tonight as a universal app with a $4.99 price tag. Of course, you dilemma will be choosing between this and Max Payne.


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  • Jonathan Ober

    really not sure what the commercial was all about. Actually made me not interested in the game.

  • mr_bee

    Only hearing about this game now, I must say it looks rather awful. The video is horrible, (like a bad Japanese commercial but without the fun), and it doesn’t explain the game or how it works. The game itself looks like something from a 90’s arcade.