Batch Convert Tons Of Image Types With Snap Converter [OS X Tips]


Snap Converter

Images and their various types are a funny thing. There are a ton of them out there, including jpg, png, psd, tiff, gif, and the like. They all have their uses and pros and cons. But what happens when you have a bunch of, say, png files and need them all converted to jpg? You COULD open them one by one in Preview and duplicate, then save each one as a jpg, but you don’t have that kind of time. Or patience. Lucky for you, today’s tip should help.

Snapconverter is a free (for a limited time) image conversion app available in the Mac App Store. Not only does it change a large number of image file types on the fly, but it will do so for large numbers of said files in folders. And sub-folders, which is a boon for anyone with a massive amount of crazy image directories to get through.

Once downloaded, launch the app and you’ll see a Drop zone window exhorting you to drag a file or folder there. With the latest version, you can even drag multiple files or folders. Tricky! Once you do so, you’ll see an informational window with a drop down menu that allows you to choose the type of image file you’d like to convert to. There’s an option to resize the images as well as a few options for preserving the folder structure and including subfolders.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. While we’re not reviewing the app itself, it does look fairly handy to have around, especially if you work with tons of image files every day.

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  • MacsFuture

    it is not free. It is 99 cents

  • Robert Petit

    very limited time.. 1 hour?

  • onecogmind

    neat.. but just fyi creating a batch process in Photoshop or Bridge can pretty much do the same thing for you..

  • mr_bee

    Very cool, but the very stupidest thing anyone could do is convert the far superior, lossless PNG files into ancient JPEGS.