Mad Magazine Is Coming To The iPad On Sunday!

Mad Magazine Is Coming To The iPad On Sunday!

Who's dumping now?

For every American male, every stage of your life can be marked by what magazine you are subscribed to. When you are in your thirties, it’s The Economist. When you’re in your late twenties, it’s The New Yorker. When you’re in your mid-twenties, it’s Playboy; your late teens, Maxim.

And what magazine subscription kicks off being twelve? Harvey Kutzman and William M. Gaine’s eternal paean to grade school parody, Mad Magazine, which is now coming to the iPad.

Yup, the iPad, where it will teach a whole new generation of connected kids what it’s like to scratch your head over an Al Jaffee fold-in, marvel at the fashion on display in a The Lighter Side Of… strip or wonder just who that crazy guy doing all those tiny cartoons in the margins is (Sergio Arargon├ęs!).

Unlike most iPad magazine prices, looks like a pretty good deal too: $4.99 per issue, $1.99 for back issues and $9.99 per year.

Mad will hit the iPad on Sunday. I, for one, will be resubscribing. What, me worry?

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  • Lucien Dol

    I bet it won’t be available to iPad users outside the US – again… Sigh.

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