Last Day To Level Up Keynote With Slidevana [Deals]


CoM - Slidevana

Most presentations are boring.

Whether it’s because the slides themselves are not exactly inspiring or the person delivering them isn’t exactly…well…inspiring, you’re bound to run into more mediocre ones than excellent ones. Now what if you have to give one? Are you prepared? Do you have the tools on hand to make the process as painless and powerful as possible? Well, with Slidevana you will — and you’ll save time in the process.

But this Cult of Mac Deals offer is almost done. And when it does go, so do the 50% savings!

Slidevana allows you to spend less time making the slides for your presentation so that you can spend more time on what you should be spending it on: Working on conveying your message.

Here’s what you get with Slidevana:

  • Over 275 slide layouts included
  • Works with iWork Keynote ’09 (latest available) and Keynote for iOS
  • Includes two complete color schemes, Slidevana Dark and Slidevana Light
  • Cut and paste your way to professional presentations
  • Minimalist information-oriented design
  • Fully customizable with your logos, graphics, and color palette
  • 100% money back guarantee and free lifetime updates

Leave it to Slidevana to keep your presentations from falling on the mediocre side of the equation. Through Cult of Mac Deals you can get it for only $69 — but just until the end of the day!

So before you have to deliver your next presentation, deliver yourself Slidevana for Keynote today.

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