Camera Awesome Gets Awesomer With Instagram Integration

Camera Awesome Gets Awesomer With Instagram Integration

It sends to the Instagram app, not straight to Instagram itself, but still

If further proof were needed that Instagram integration is the new Dropbox integration, then the updated Camera Awesome is it. The iPhone app, from photo-sharing site SmugMug, doesn’t post direct to Instagram like the recently updated Hipstamatic, but it will send your photo to the Instagram app at the touch of a button.

Camera Awesome is actually pretty awesome, and follows the familiar Camera+ formula of full-featured camera app and cool post-processing tools. The effects are mostly gotten via in-app purchase, and in this update you can grab the whole lot for $10. Bonus: If you already bought some effects, the app will only bill you the difference.

Along with sending photos straight to the Instagram app, there is also a new white-balance lock, pinch to zoom (actually, photographically zoom, that is) and an in-app “getting started” guide, which shows you the way around as you use features for the first time.

The app keeps its cool, intuitive picture-taking interface, along with useful grid overlays (thirds, horizon line, golden mean and so on) and easy sharing to other apps and services besides Instagram. Best of all, Camera Awesome is free.

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