CultCast Special Edition Dives Into New iPad And The Agony Of Mike Daisey



Why yes, we did just release episode 4 of The CultCast two days ago, but this is a special New-iPad hands-on edition recorded just hours ago! They’re here, we have them, and in this special episode, we tell you what we think of them.

And make sure you catch the end; we decided to include an impromptu preshow discussion on the Agony and Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs, the powerful monologue by Mike Daisy that’s been getting press for allegedly being partly fabricated. We discuss: it’s focussed consumers’ attention on labor conditions in China, does it matter that it might not be 100% true?

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  • 661Lawoffice

    I can’t seem to get a straight answer, or perhaps a knowledgeable one, so here I am to get a final answer.  My new iPad battery is at 32% after plenty of use, and I haven’t charged it yet.  Should I or should I not run the battery down to 0% before charging it?  Does it really matter?  Myth or reality?  I hope there is a consensus.  

  • erfon elijah

    hey there.  it’s not going to harm your battery either way.  i generally run mine down to around 10% percent before charging, but apple’s lithium polymer batteries don’t have a “memory effect,” so charging them anytime you want is perfectly fine.   

    it is good to run it down every once in a while though, even Apple recommends that.

  • 661Lawoffice

    Thank you.

  • roow111

    I think this show is really interesting, but it really bugs me how ignorant these guys are about Apple and technology. This is their job and yet I know more about Apple than them. They talk about this stuff like their pro’s, but really their just spreading confusion and showing how ill-informed the writers on this website are. They should at least look up the facts before they start or fact-check as they go because they are just spreading confusing and false information. I’m glad they’re making a show, and its interesting, but they need to work on this.

  • That_Dan_Person

    Glad to hear you like Flight Control Rocket. With the retina screen it baffles me why they kept the 16gb around. As we all know, Apps are double to triple in size. iMove in it self is over 460MB. Apple should have brought us a 128gb model and done away with the 16gb.

  • erfon elijah

    hi roow111.  i’m glad you’re enjoying the show.

    the CultCast is based around a free conversation, and though we have show topics planned out, we often end up going off on tangents.  

    i’m not sure what “false information” you think we’re spreading, you didn’t provide any examples, but it could’ve been that we moved to a topic we weren’t all 100% versed in — that happens sometimes in natural conversation.

    if we’ve made some egregious error, please let me know, i’d like to make sure we correct it.
    one last thing — and i hope this doesn’t come off as snarky — but “their” indicates possession, “there” indicates place, and “they’re” is short for “they are.”

  • vikram333

    “… the powerful monologue by Mike Daisy that’s been getting press for allegedly being partly fabricated…”

    There’s no “allegedly” here.  It is 100% confirmed that at the very least it is partly fabricated – by Daisey himself – if not mainly fabricated other than the fact that he went to China.

  • brandon_t_davis

    I enjoy your show. You’re guys view of the Mike Daisey “situation” is strange to say the least. You take the , well he lied but the results are good. Huh? That would be like me accusing someone of a more heinous crime than what they actually did. While the crook committed a crime, I worsened the charges to get a “better” desired result, that he probably deserved anyway. I would hope that Apple files a defamation suit against Daisey as what he did on This American Life, and his traveling shows, were presented as fact.  

  • brandon_t_davis

    I guess I should’ve listened to the last 30 seconds of the show before I typed the above ;) I stand by what I said, though. Daisey was wrong and his false charges, towards Apple, may have been damaging… reputation and monetarily. 

  • koopapoopas

    It’s basically “experts” not knowing what they are talking about.  I see it with pretty much all the podcasts by Engadget, TheVerge, Diggnation, etc.  

    It’s not that the hosts are pretending to know what they don’t know.  It’s like you said, people go off on tangents, brain-fart out loud, and ask questions out loud that they probably would Bing if they weren’t doing a podcast at the time.  

    I don’t think it’s a big deal because it makes for great conversation, and they aren’t pontificating.  

    Hey. No worries. No one is calling you Gizmodo!

  • koopapoopas

    Apple’s been pretty nice.  They haven’t even swatted at him like you would a fly. I think Tim Cook, basically said he doesn’t need to see the show cause he’s running the real show.

    I miss Steve’s attitude.

  • ralphtweety

    Does it matter that it’s all NPR can do to say anything nice at all about Apple – while MS always sits quietly on it’s good side, doling out bucks and moving around in the world with nothing but apparent impunity?

    I catch NPR doing this all of the time. In the case of working conditions in China it’s not even a matter of saying anything good about Apple at all, it’s seems to be just a question of trimming how much bad Apple is doing in the world.

    What gives NPR?!

  • Timorteus

    Your comments on the new screen are bizarre. Have a look at 12MP+ photos from a good DSLR, the detail is absolutely insane on the new screen.

  • brokenEstring

    Passive agressive much? You didn’t get an advance review unit and you act like you didn’t get a Valentine from your sweetie. Can’t wait for the make-up podcast.