The JuiceTank Lets You Plug Your iPhone Directly Into The Mains

The JuiceTank Lets You Plug Your iPhone Directly Into The Mains

JuiceTank eliminates wires by allowing your to plug your iPhone right into the wall.

No one enjoys frantically searching for their iPhone charger when they get that dreaded low battery warning. But with the JuiceTank case, you needn’t worry about ever losing your charger, because you can plug your iPhone directly into the mains socket.

It’s bulky, but built into the back of the JuiceTank are two prongs that allow you to plug your device straight into the wall. They fold away when you’re not using them so they don’t rip your pants every time you put your iPhone in your pocket, and the soft touch rubberized finish keeps your device snug and secure.

The JuiceTank really does eliminate wires, but of course, you can’t really use your iPhone when it’s charging in this thing because it’s stuck to the wall. Also, you’d think that with all that bulk, there would also be a built-in battery for extra charge, but there isn’t.

The JuiceTank Lets You Plug Your iPhone Directly Into The Mains

Despite this, the JuiceTank still looks like a great idea. But before it can go on sale, it needs your backing. It’s a Kickstarter project with 58 days to go, and it needs to raise $125,000.

You can pledge just $1 to get updates on the JuiceTank as it develops, or you can pledge $55 to guarantee yourself a case when they go on sale. Pledge $75 and you’ll get a limited edition JuiceTank that features cool green accents.

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  • joewaylo

    One workaround is buying an extension cord. Though this will prove dangerous over time since you’re holding a live wire and if the wire is exposed, you’re toast.

    Honestly I wouldn’t plug this into an extension cord nor a wall. Into a surge protector is more practical and safer if you get a lightning storm.

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