Apple Sells Out Of Launch Day New iPads

Apple Sells Out Of Launch Day New iPads

If you haven’t ordered a new iPad yet, better get going: my guess is before the weekend is out, we’ll see shipping times of 4 weeks or more for all models.

  • poppa1138

    does this mean new iPad and new Apple `TV will start selling for crazy prices on eBay..

  • baby_Twitty

    I ordered mine.
    4G + Wifi, 64 GB.

  • joewaylo

    iPad maybe, Apple TV not so much unless you happen to like wireless TV gaming to replace your XBOX.

    I wonder if they fixed the WiFi issue they had a few years ago where it sucked up more bandwidth than a Mac.

  • Garry Denny

    What is your ship/delivery date?

  • Garry Denny

    In the U.S. and just ordered a 4G Verizon 16GB white. My ship date is March 19 with a delivery date of March 21.

  • Mfoleyny

    I know a guy at Target. I’m hoping to get one as soon as it arrives at the nearest store.

  • Jdsonice

    My iPad is on it s way – I have the Fedex tracking number :-)

  • Casey Urmamistan

    I ordered a 4G Verizon 16GB on announcement day, and it took nearly 4 hours between Apple’s store site coming back up and me being able to actually add one to my cart. Still says “Delivery by March 16th” though, even though I don’t have a tracking number yet.

  • Live4Ever

    The 19th is still only 3 days. Still Not bad

  • Ilwhan Ahn

    I ordered mine too.
    Black 32GB 4G&Wifi.
    Estimated delivery date is Mar. 16th

  • Eric Barbosa

    woo!! White 16 AT&T with unlimited 4G coming in next friday :)

  • Eric Barbosa

    woo!! White 16 AT&T with unlimited 4G coming in next friday :)

  • Matthew Knowles

    The US still has some for 19th?  UK and Japan are both at 2-3 weeks for delivery now.

  • Richard

    Morning of March 12th in Texas and ship time has changed to 2-3 weeks.

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