Chinese Woman Earned Almost 3X Her Annual Salary By Downloading 25 Billionth App

Chinese Woman Earned Almost 3X Her Annual Salary By Downloading 25 Billionth App

Apple issued a press release this morning to confirm that more than 25 billion apps have now been downloaded from its “revolutionary” App Store by more than 315 million iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches worldwide. The company also announced the lucky winner of its $10,000 iTunes gift card.

Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China, was the person who downloaded the 25 billionth app, Where’s My Water? Free, and the winner of the $10,000 iTunes gift card, which equates to approximately 63,087 Chinese yuan. To put that into perspective, that’s more than two and a half times what the average Chinese person earns per year, according to Wolfram Alpha.

Eddie Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Service, also used the press release to thank both customers and developers for helping the company to reach this tremendous milestone:

We’d like to thank our customers and developers for helping us achieve this historic milestone of 25 billion apps downloaded. When we launched the App Store less than four years ago, we never imagined that mobile apps would become the phenomenon they have, or that developers would create such an incredible selection of apps for iOS users.

  • Clark Wallace

    Shame it’s all in credit and not real moneyz.

  • KateMacVerde

    It’s not like he can’t try and sell it.

  • Benjamin Wheeler

    What’s he doing with an iOS device making that kind of coin???

  • Metroview

    Can’t help but think Street Fighter…

  • Mario Vega Adauy

    How do you know he makes the same as an “average chinese”? It´s 3x the average, not 3x his income.

  • RonBlatto

    I think the author is assuming that Mr Fu earns what the “average Chinese person” earns.  For all we know he could be lined up to purchase one of those bulletproof armored vehicles from China. The headline is misleading.

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