What Apple’s iPad 3 Event Invitation Really, Really Means [Image]

What Apple’s iPad 3 Event Invitation Really, Really Means [Image]

image credit: @axian on Twitter

Speculation abounds, but we all know what Apple is really saying here. Brilliant.

  • xoomin

    Theres no way…

  • 12yake

    Hahaha, I just burst out laughing on the bus. People are looking at me funny now..

  • Efraín Lara Sandoval


  • joewaylo

    Coincidence given that we are in a Post-PC era and we’re trying to ditch “Windows” machines for “Mac” machines and tablets.

  • Saddako

    And where is dock connector?

  • vistarox

    If the device was upside-down you’d see the camera hole. 

  • Ivan Barigye


  • ipadforever

    i got it

  • Eugeniu Vozoca

    it’s in landscape

  • Iphoneication

    Seriously …

  • Iphoneication

    Seriously……..come on now

  • Sevgjan

    what this means?

  • chrlormil

    Haha! It took me 3 tries to get the picture.

    It’s a graph of pc shipments showing how they gradually slowed or went down when iPads started flooding the “pc” market.

  • Clark Wallace

    I shat brix.

  • steffenjobbs

    That image doesn’t make any sense.  Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft was selling Windows 7 upgrades at an accelerated pace.  I’m sure he wouldn’t lie about something like that.

  • John Branham

    it’s a shame there’s no way Apple would ever confirm this if it were true… I’d love to know. So funny.

  • TeamApple

    If you didn’t notice already, it’s the outline of the finger tapping on the screen :)

  • Nathan Myers

    This is actual units like Dell desktops, etc.

  • TeeJay1100

    Who cares what it means?? Just wait until the 7th and shut up speculating!!

  • byankeesjeter

    I guess someone didn’t understand the joke.

  • TristanThomas

    Selling Windows 7 is not the same as selling computers. You can buy Windows without having to buy a new computer. 

  • Jan Batora

    LOL alright this is better than that “Thoughtful Analysis” by Michael Steeber :)

  • Rachel Wynkoop

    This is the greatest!

  • Frank Rush

    The device in the invite has a resolution of 2048×1536!!! (google it) this device is physically much larger than the iPad. Look at the size of the finger compared to the device (try it on your iPad; i did and this device is much larger than my iPad). The icons are much large for distance viewing (remote control). It is an Apple TV.

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