Will You Buy An iPad 3 When It’s Released? [Reader Poll]

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  • tomkowz

    When it will be available in Poland.

  • Alex Stewart

    Haven’t bought any of the other iPads. Been waiting for this one.

  • WVMikeP

    Another option:  My iPad(1) is still good enough for me.

  • Pawel Tomasz Dlugosz

    Poczekamy, zobaczymy ;)

  • FriarNurgle

    No, but I’d love to win one. 

  • joewaylo

    I’m regretting buying the iPad 2 would be another option. No Voice Control, No Phone, and a few other iPhone exclusives.

  • Will Reed

    Absolutely, I have been waiting since a few months after the iPad 2.  I am taking the day off from work, most likely lining up at 5th Ave by 5am.  Anyone else following suit?

  • Jonathan Ober

    I am rocking a day one iPad 1 and a second 6 month after iPad 1 that a client gave me for a job I did for them. I’d love to upgrade but I may wait since the iPad 1 still works, though Pages has been slow lately for me.

  • Connor Mulcahey

    I specifically held out on buying both the iPad 1 and 2 because I wanted better cameras and the high-res display

  • MSokol00

    As Jonathanober said Pages on iPad 1 is reallllyyyyy slow, I decided to upgrade it to third generation. Hope it’s gonna worth it

  • MSokol00

    B?dzie b?dzie, a s?dz?c po czasie oczekiwania na iPhone’a 4s w Polsce, iPad trzeciej generacji te? powinien szybko si? pojawi? ;)

  • kaarup

    It’s a tablet not a phone

  • Dopefish

    I won’t, but only because I can’t afford to.  I will certainly get one later in the year, though.

  • Brooke Becker Habecker

    It’s going to be my birthday present! I was going to get an iPad 2 for Christmas, but the rumors started flying about a March iPad 3, so I waited. Can’t wait!

  • thlogcom

    I have an iPad 1 and use it a lot. I didn’t see a reason to buy an iPad to as the camera didn’t add anything i would use and the size was not that important as i use it only at home.

    So if the iPad 3 is amazing then yes i will buy one but if it is just more like the iPad 2 then probably not

  • Vittorio Giorgi

    I will be in NYC in april, so l’ll probably buy it one there. I have to add some VAT for NYC? Like 8% to the Apple.com iPad price, is it correct?

  • blehtastic

    The fact that this commenting system is glitchy on an ipad would be hilariously ironic if it weren’t infuriating.

  • Wings

    Nope, my family and friends all have iPads but I feel I’m the only one not to jump on the iPad bandwagon….I’m more then happy with my iphone and Macbook Pro, don’t understand all the hype about a new edition iPad coming out!

  • David_Lazarus

    I may not get it on day one, but fairly soon after launch. I will be keeping my existing iPad 2, but using the new one mainly for watching movies, though I might also be getting a new Apple TV as that will finally have 1080p playback, hopefully. 

  • Neil_Jones

    I don’t even use my first generation iPad, not gonna bother with another.

  • Lady_756

    Selling my iPad 1 tonight with the funds to go towards an iPad 3.  

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