Readability’s Free iPhone And iPad App To Launch In App Store On Thursday, March 1st



Popular web reading platform Readability has confirmed that it will finally be launching its native iOS app in the App Store on Thursday, March 1st. The release comes after Readability was rejected by Apple for not complying with the App Store’s in-app purchase guidelines.

When the iPhone and iPad app becomes available to the public later this week, users will be able to read and share web articles that have been beautifully reformatted for a mobile reading experience.

You may already be using Readability without even realizing it, as many popular apps already integrate with the service. Reeder, a widely-used RSS app for OS X and iOS, uses the magic of Readability to let you view a truncated RSS feed in its entirety without having to view an article in your browser.

A HMTL5 web app and multiple browser add-ons have been available for avid Readability users for quite some time. Services like Instapaper and Read It Later share many of the same features as Readability. Instead of being simply a web bookmarking platform, Readability is “designed for readers” with features that set it apart, like the ability to send articles to the Amazon Kindle.

We’ll let you know when Readability for iPhone and iPad launches in the App Store later this week.


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