The CultCast Is Officially The Most Popular Technology Podcast On iTunes




Our new podcast has been on iTunes for barely more than 24 hours, but The CultCast has already skyrocketed up the charts and is now the #1 Technology Podcast on iTunes. We’re blown away with how successful the podcast has been and we owe it all to our incredible fans who have been downloading it like crazy. Being on the same page as shows like TWiT, 5by5, NPR and Lifehacker is very flattering, and to be at the top of that list is ridiculously exciting. Thanks a bunch, guys!

We’ll be coming out with an new episode every Thursday, but if you haven’t checked out our first 30 minute episode of The CultCast you can subscribe to it right here. Give it a listen. Tell us what you think. And if you have time to give us a rating on iTunes as well, that’d be awesome.



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  • Jake Smith

    Congrats, and I love the podcast. But to be fair, you guys only made the podcast available via iTunes, which gives your readers no where else to view. Once they’re in iTunes, why not subscribe? 

    Good move ;) I don’t blame ya. 

  • Buster

    i wish we were masterminds like that, but the truth is that we simply haven’t setup distribution on other platforms yet because we didn’t know how well the podcast would be received. But we’re working on bringing it to other platforms as well very soon.

  • Jake Smith

    podpress for WordPress works well. And it will also feed the audio file into iTunes


    Sounds nice, can’t wait to listen to it Monday. Please keep it relevant with no Android mess, and you’ll have a lifetime listener.

  • Henrik

    will look forward to hear it when you are on Stitcher

  • Tomáš Kubín

    congrats, good work :-)

  • byankeesjeter

    Good job guys, I really enjoyed it.

  • Hampus

     And to be fair, it’s new and everyone, or a lot of people at least, is trying it out. The question is if it will be able to keep all the viewers/listeners.

  • Kieran Alexander Paul Anderson
  • Scott Katzenoff

    Although I love the content think that Cult of Mac is packed with self promotion and advertising which make it difficult to reach the pages. Seems like this is carrying over to the Podcast in a frenzy of self promotion. Take a look at the advertising which makes browsing the cultofmac web site from an iPhone or an iPod touch painful. Try the “less is more” theory of simplicity and let people decide instead of claiming world domination after your maiden voyage.

  • xnickitynickx

    I definitely love the podcast so far.  I’m actually looking forward to it this week!

  • Austin Norton

    hye you guys stole the yay or nay segment from rumor has it’s podcast at cnet! 

  • Austin Norton

    apologize for not giving them credit and claiming it was your idea

  • Austin Norton

    you guys need to know that you can’t get away with stealing something when you post it on the internet