Cirago iPad Keyboard Case Looks Curiously Familiar

Cirago iPad Keyboard Case Looks Curiously Familiar

At first look, this keyboard case is a clone of one by Zagg. Look closer and it gets better, though

Cirago’s Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard Case looks mighty familiar, huh? It’s almost as if the designers at Cirago took Zagg’s/Logitech’s iPad 2 keyboard case, filed of some corners and added a kickstand. Then again, as just about the only thing wrong with the Zagg is the non-adjustable stand, maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

Like the Zagg, the Cirago case is machined from aluminum, connects via Bluetooth and gloms onto the screen of your iPad like an alien facehugger onto, uh, a face. It also has a non-replaceable battery which charges via USB, and switches for power and pairing.

Otherwise, it is quite different. These switches are on the left, not the right, the cursor keys are full sized and the Cirago adds one feature the Zagg case inexplicably omits: brightness control keys on the top row. I have my own Logitech version of the Zagg case ands it drives me crazy that there are no brightness keys.

The Cirago is also $10 cheaper than the Zagg, at $90. Oh. One other difference is the Cirago product page. It is so badly coded that it not only killed Chrome and Safari, but also slowed down my entire Mac. I highly recommend not visiting it.

The case as available now, if you can get the website to work. We shall be reviewing one soon.

  • Brooks Hanes

    You had me at “alien facehugger.” LOL Nice.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Lol is like ro see the review too

  • Mike Rathjen

    I look forward to the review.

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