Mountain Lion Developer Preview Now Available To Download


Don't bother trying that code, kids, it's already been redeemed.
Don't bother trying that code, kids, it's already been redeemed.

Hey, developer kiddies! OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and Mountain Lion server are now available to registered Apple developers over on the official Mac Dev Center. Both are downloaded through the Mac App Store after a redemption coupon.

We’re already at work downloading our copies of Mountain Lion. Keep tuned for Cult of Mac’s first look at the latest version of OS X, coming later today.

In addition to Mountain Lion, Apple is also making a number of other resources available to developers, including guidelines for developing apps for Mountain Lion, GameKit and GLKit programming guides for developing Game Center compatible games, and more. There is also a new version of Xcode, version 4.4, available to program Mountain Lion apps.

Deals of the Day

  • Jordan Clay

    I wonder if this will be more of a Vista to 7 like upgrade.   Vista was awful and 7 fixed a lot of things.   I’m not saying Lion was awful but it left some to be desired.  

  • twitter-218300945

    Comparing Lion to Vista is so way out there they should have been arrested for dumping Vista on us, yes I was a victim of the Vista PC, and why I am on my first Mac and very happy, Lion is fine, Snow Leopard was fine. they are all just a bid different I’ll wait to see how Mountain LIon goes before upgrading 

  • Mike Rathjen

    I think of Vista as a beta version of Windows 7 that was available to the public for $50-$100.

  • justinxtreme

    Same here. Got a Mac in the process and never been happier (though Microsoft has won me back with Windows 7). Honestly though, Mac OSX hasn’t change since Leopard, at the forefront. Mountain Lion is a welcome upgrade, the Messages Beta alone on Lion (using it right now!) is enough of a reason to upgrade to Mountain Lion. 

    I feel like Mountain Lion is what Lion was supposed to be as Windows 7 was what Vista was suppose to be. Lion intended to bring iOS features to Mac, but most of them can easily be ignored (like Launchpad). Notification Center, Notes, iMessage, deeper iCloud integration and more sounds like it to me

  • Obsidian71

    I think Mountain Lion is a realization that iCloud was perhaps 70% for Lion and the too need massaging to get up to 90% effectiveness.   

    Also ML clears up the obvious questions like “where’s notification on the Mac or a decent Reminders app” 

    OS X and iOS have always shared code.   AV Foundation started on the iPhone and now powers the new media capabilities of OS X so the two OS have always had a symbiotic relationship since creation of iOS.