It’s Not Too Late! Send Your Significant Other A Retro Valentine With Lovestagram

It’s Not Too Late! Send Your Significant Other A Retro Valentine With Lovestagram

What do you do when your lover helps run the largest mobile social network in existence? You give him a Valentine’s Day gift only he could really appreciate. That’s exactly what Kaitlyn Trigger did for her boyfriend, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger.

Kaitlyn learned how to code so she could create Lovestagram, an easy way to make and send Valentines with Instagram photos. That’s a gift that would make any hipster blush.

Mike and Kaitlyn have been dating for two and a half years. As a special way to thank her sweetie, Kaitlyn decided to learn the inner-workings of Python, Django, and Heroku to get Lovestagram off the ground before February 14th. She slaved away for days in front of a computer screen, and now the whole Instagram community (especially dorky guys that still haven’t decided what to do for their girlfriends) can benefit from her efforts.

You can visit now (Yes, it’s not too late!) and send your main squeeze a pretty pic by email. The catch is that your significant other must also be an Instagram user. Lovestagram will search your account for photos that you two have both liked, commented on, or been tagged in. You can add cheesy heart borders and a brief message (We recommend something really suave like, “Baby, if my life could have a filter, it would be you.”) before sending the digital card by email. We also recommend following that card up with something like chocolates and two tickets to The Vow. Or not. It’s your love life.

(Pro tip: If a woman ever learns how to code for you, you marry that broad.)

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