Never Wait For A Genius Bar Appointment Again Using The Apple Store App [iOS Tip]



Outstanding reliability is just one of the reasons why we fall in love with our Apple products. But unfortunately, everything goes wrong from time to time. That’s why we have the Genius Bar.

Did you know it’s incredibly easy to book Genius Bar appointments on an iOS device using the official Apple Store app? Here’s how to do it.

First, ensure you have the Apple Store app installed on your device. It’s a free download from the App Store. Once installed, open it up and tap on the ‘Stores’ tab along the bottom. You can now search for a store or select one nearby.

After selecting the store you’d like to visit, tap the ‘Genius Bar’ tab, then select the device you’d like to see a Genius about.

You can now select a date and time for your appointment. What’s great about this is that it only displays appointments that are currently available, and once you book, the appointment is yours. You don’t need to wait for it to be authorized by the Apple store, though you will get a confirmation email.

Once you’re happy with the appointment you’ve chosen, simply tap the ‘Select Date & Time’ button, then ‘Book Reservation’. You’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID to confirm your reservation, which you can then add to your calendar.

Once your appointment is made, you can also see it within the ‘My Reservations’ section of the app.

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  • Len Williams

    Killian, the title is vastly incorrect and/or misleading. Even if we book a Genius Bar appointment through the app, we still have to wait for it. The headline says we “never have to wait for a genius bar appointment,” which is utterly false, and gives the impression we can just walk into the store at any time and get an appointment through the app without waiting. The app just gives us the ability to book an appointment from our iPhones or iPads and not just our Macs via the Apple web site.

  • Bennett Dill

    How is this never wait???  This is “book from app instead of website”.  Linkbait titles = the suck!

  • ErikU

    Agreed, title is misleading. But the app does make your Genius Appointment much simpler. Another great feature of the app is that when you enter the Apple store it automatically signs you in and when it’s your turn will prompt you with the Genius’ name & photo.

  • coolimoy

    This is a great article and way overdue, but please change your article title!

  • Mac999

    How is this any better than reserving via web? Does this mean no more waiting? Just book via phone and show up whenever is convenient and you bypass everybody else that made a web reservation?? How do I do that through this app?

  • gw812

    Okay, raise your hand if you’ve ever actually not had to wait past your appointment time at a Genius Bar?

    -looks around-

    -sees no hands-

    Killian, nice review of the app but I think you’ve just proven that you’ve never actually used it, nor interacted with a Genius Bar. FAIL

  • tomdaveytom

    Yep. Stupid, stupid title. “Never wait for a genius bar appointment again”. That is literally nothing to do with the content of your article. Imbecile.