Macworld Concludes With a Big Drum Circle

Macworld Concludes With a Big Drum Circle

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/IWORLD 2012 — Here is some video of the big drum circle that wrapped up Macworld. Such a great way to end a conference!

Macworld is done, but we’ll have the remainder of our show posts tomorrow.

  • MacRat

    What a great example of how far MacWorld has fallen.

    Really sad.

  • GJNilsen

    I dont see the connection iStuff and a drum circle. New age mumbo jumbo is not my thing..

  • GJNilsen

    Yeah, I wonder why its “post-worthy”. CoM is sliding…

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    Thats really cool. I have been and covered to a ton of Expo’s over the years and the end is always really depressing in a way but mostly because it is so anti climatic in it’s final moments. Well that and the fact that you absolutely hate the expo after the second day. :D 

    Having something like this to finish it off it really cool and something I think should be made a tradition. I noticed in the comments everyone else ‘doesn’t get it’ but all I have to say is, this thing probably isn’t for you. But for everyone else this is just plain cool.

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