Bring-Your-Own-Mac Is Fueling Big Gains For This Enterprise Software Company

Bring-Your-Own-Mac Is Fueling Big Gains For This Enterprise Software Company

Mike Evangelist, chief marketing officer for Code 42 Software, says companies are finally embracing the consumerization of IT.

SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD/IWORLD 2012 — Here’s a story we’re hearing a lot at MacWorld: the business world is finally starting to embrace the consumerization of IT.

Take Code 42 Software, which has seen a lot of growth from its enterprise customers recently. According to Code 42, corporations have given up fighting employees who bring their Mac to work, and are now supporting them instead.

“Companies are realizing they can’t fight the tide anymore,” said Mike Evangelist, chief marketing officer. “People like their Macs better and they’re taking them to work. Companies are reacting to that.”

Code 42 makes cross-platform backup software called CrashPlan. Unlike a lot of other enterprise backup systems, CrashPlan works just as well with Macs as with PCs, which makes it an easy choice for companies that are seeing more Macs as work machines. Evangelist said at least half of its 4,000 enterprise customers have decided to embrace employees’s Macs on their previously Windows-only networks.

“This new growth (on the Mac platform) is fantastic because it’s not as fragile as growth in the past,” said Evangelist, who’s an industry veteran. He said previous gains by the Mac in desktop publishing or video editing were soon negated as Windows-based companies moved in. This time, the growth of the Mac is more robust because it’s not confined to specialist niches. Its across the board: consumers as well as business.

“It’s not just a Windows world any more,” he said.

  • Carlos Francisco Suarez Doriga

    CrashPlan is an excellent online backup option!!!

  • mollyhaskins

    We use CrashPlan for our business backing up data to our own offsite servers in addition to the CrashPlan subscription service. Service has been great- hasn’t failed on us. Thus, we recommend it to all of our clients some of whom are on PC and some of whom have switched to running their business on Mac.

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