Hands On: Keep Your Business Relationships Close at Hand With VIPOrbit [Macworld / iWorld 2012]


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SAN FRANCISCO, MACWORLD / iWorld 2012 — At the media preview last night at Macworld/iWorld, VIPOrbit Software had a ton of news to offer.

First, they unveiled a new version of VIPOrbit for the iPhone. The latest version has new features requested by its users, an improved user interface and an enhanced Dashboard.

Then they debuted VIPOrbit for iPad, bringing signature features from the initial iPhone app to iPad users.

VIPOrbit integrates your contacts with the calendar, providing quick access to all details of your business relationships. You can schedule appointments quickly, communicate easily and even bring social media into the mix if you’d like. The interface for both the iPhone and iPad are clean and easy to use, allowing quick access to the details you need and the Dashboard summarizes your activity for the day so that you’re never out of the loop.

There are customization and organizational tools built into VIPOrbit, and you can create reports and connect using a variety of methods such as email, Twitter, LinkedIN and text. VIPOrbit lets you build relationships and have them with you wherever you are, especially handy if you’re spending a lot of time travelling in your line of work.

For people who are looking for a heavy-duty contact manager that doesn’t look or feel too complicated to wrap your head around, VIPOrbit is worth a look. Regularly priced at $!9.99 for the iPad (once the app is through the approval process) and $9.99 for the iPhone in The App Store, each product will be available for 50% off until March 1.

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