SpotON Radio Is Part Spotify, Part Pandora And Part Instagram


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Last August, Spotify launched a public API for mobile developers to piggy back off of their system and release their own apps. The hope was the abiogenesis of a series of cool new music apps that pushed the boundaries of how we discover music, with Spotify’s library of 15 million tracks as the lifeblood.

The first app to really come from Spotify’s initiative and impress? SpotON Radio, a Pandora-like service built upon Spotify that allows you to create custom tailored music stations, share them with friends and sync them across the iCloud. Plus, it’s got a really swank visual aesthetic that just sings on iOS devices.

The SpotON Radio app requires a $9.99 Spotify premium membership for mobile access, and allows user to create personalized radio streams, like and dislike songs, easily share music with friends and even export a station’s entire history as a playlist. iCloud users can sync their playlists and stations between devices. There’s even some cool mobile bandwidth features built in, which will downgrade your radio stations from 320kbps to 96kbps over 3G connections.

The company behind SpotON Radio is called the Swedish Application Development, who describe themselves as “lone gunmen fighting the fight for a better interface to music, packaged as the most beautiful user experience possible.”

It’s certainly a gorgeous looking app. Too bad it’s Spotify only: I’m an Rdio man myself.

You can download SpotON Radio for free here.


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  • oakichbg

    IT’S SPOTDORGRAM! (Manbearpig)

  • oakichbg

    IT’S SPOTDORGRAM! (Manbearpig)

  • Carlos J Gomez

    anything LIKE THIS FOR IPAD?

  • Matthew Price

    Cool idea – but if it only plays songs that are in their library, it is not a replacement for Pandora or Slacker – because all streaming services have artist gaps that radio stations don’t have (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. etc.)