Apple By The Numbers: iCloud, App Store, Education, Retail And More

Apple By The Numbers: iCloud, App Store, Education, Retail And More

Apple held its Q1 2012 fiscal earnings call this afternoon, and the company reported record-breaking numbers across the board. Revenue reached $46.33 billion with a net profit of $13.06 billion, more than doubling Apple’s profit since this time last year.

We’ve got a roundup of interesting numbers from this afternoon’s call for you to check out.

  • There were 140 million App Store downloads on December 25th alone.
  • 1.5 million iPads are already in use in education institutions.
  • 600,000 copies of iBooks Author have been downloaded since last week’s announcement. 3 million copies of the iTunes U app have been downloaded as well.
  • There were more than 62 million total iOS devices sold in the last quarter, totaling a staggering 315 million iOS devices sold to date.
  • iCloud has 85 million customers.
  • $4 billion has been paid to developers from App Store sales.
  • There is an average of 22,000 visitors per Apple store each week.
  • Apple has $97 billion in cash, with over $60 billion offshore. Apple said, “We’re not letting it burn a hole in our pockets.”
  • Tim Cook noted IDC’s research saying that the tablet (iPad) is expected to overtake PC sales in the US.  Cook said, “We’ll continue to innovate like crazy in the tablet area.” He said, “People thought it was going to be the year of the tablet. It actually was the year of the iPad.”

[image via Jason Snell]

  • Al

    Absolutely astonishing.

    Maybe part of that $$$ could go towards reducing Apple’s 30% take from developers (and iBook publishers) to something a wee bit lower. Share more of the rewards.

  • Rowanova

    Cook made a point to say the mountainous cash stash is not just sitting there burning a hole in their pocket. OK, so that’s great to know, but I’d like to know what Apple has up its sleeve. I really do hope there will be more that just aquiring other companies. Bring us some new products and services.

  • ddevito

    Spend more money on iCloud – it’s bloody awful. 

  • Gregintosh

    Maybe Apple should use the $97 billion to buy some media companies and get the Apple TV concept done on their terms.

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