Update Your Time Capsule Firmware With AirPort Utility On Your iOS Device [iOS Tip]



Thanks to Apple’s free AirPort Utility app for iOS, it’s easy to make simple changes to your Time Capsule and update its firmware without having to use a computer. Here’s how to update your Time Capsule firmware using only your iOS device and the AirPort Utility app.

First, ensure you have AirPort Utility installed on your device. It’s a free download from the App Store. Before opening it up, make sure that your device is connected to the Time Capsule that you’d like to update. Once you’re ready, open up the app and tap on your Time Capsule.

Now tap on the ‘Version’ tab. AirPort Utility will tell you whether there’s a firmware update waiting for your Time Capsule.

If a firmware update is waiting, simply tap the ‘Download and Install’ button to begin the installation process, then tap ‘Install’.

The update will now be downloaded and installed onto your Time Capsule, and you can keep an eye on its progress within the AirPort Utility app. It’s worth noting that once the update has been downloaded and installed to your Time Capsule, it will reboot itself and you will lose your network connection temporarily.

Once it starts back up, your Time Capsule should now be running the latest firmware.


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  • Jason Bartlett

    I can’t find any firmware update for my time capsule. I have a 4th generation TC. Where is this update? 

  • brite

    fucking idiots
    this site has just become a money grabbing spam site ffs

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    Thanks for this tip, very useful if I ever have to make it play all happy again in future.