Comcast Brings Live Cable TV To The iPad With AnyPlay



Comcast is introducing live cable TV to the iPad for Xfinity TV customers with a new device service called AnyPlay, allowing you to tune into your favorite shows on your tablet while the rest of the family watches another channel on the television.

Comcast promises all the channels included in your linear channel subscription will be available on your iPad. In a post on its blog, the company explains how AnyPlay works:

Here’s how it works… the AnyPlay device works the same as any other set top box in the home, but instead of delivering the incoming channel lineup to a television, AnyPlay delivers the lineup to the Wi-Fi router on the home network. The router then distributes the secure video signal to the iPad or Xoom over your home’s wireless network. So as long as your tablet is within range of the home wireless router, you can turn it into another television screen.

While that unfortunately means you can’t use AnyPlay to watch live cable tv while you’re away from home, you can still access Xfinity’s 8,000 hours of on-demand content.

AnyPlay is currently available at no extra charge to Xfinity HD Triple Play customers in the Denver and Nashville areas, with further rollouts planned in the coming months.

[via Comcast Blog]

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  • Jordan Clay

    Knowing Comcast there will be a bigger catch,  Like you have to subscribe to a special router, that uses “G” technology at a low monthly rate of $25. Plus you will have to pay an extra service fee and they will charge you for it for 3 full months before they actually grant you access.

    Comcast is the absolute worst cable company there is…I normally block out 2 hours every month to fight with them.

  • heywally

    Sounds fairly worthless, given the weak on-demand content.

    Disclaimer – I really dislike Comcast

  • Alfiejr

    get a Slingbox and watch your home TV inputs (any IR controlled device) anywhere on any computer or mobile device or via Apple TV. it’s been available almost two years now, but tech writers seem totally ignorant about it. so they write these uninformed articles about these pathetically crippled CATV services as if they were something new you couldn’t do before.

  • Jamal22

    The catch is you must be a “Xfinity HD Triple Play customers”. So you must subscribe to the HD content, and you must be a Triple Play customer too.

    No thanks, I don’t need Comcast phone service.

  • Brandon Dillon

    This is fucked. I live in Nashville, have HD on multiple TV’s, use their internet, but I can’t get this unless I use phone too? I’m a VoIP installer!