Evernote Brings Skitch To The iPad For Free!


Screen Shot 2011-12-22 at 12.52.12 PM

We’ve long loved Skitch, the screenshot and image editor that we’ve been using on our Macs in one way or another since 2007. A few months back, the guys behind Evernote bought out Skitch, which raised some questions about its future as a stand-alone app, but we needn’t have worried: not only is Skitch its own Mac app, but it’s now become a shiny iPad one as well.

Skitch launched on the App Store yesterday, and like the Mac version, users can use the program to add shapes, arrows and text to images on their iPad’s camera roll, or simply do some playing around with images on the web using Skitch’s internal browser.

Once you’re done fiddling with an image, you can then share it via email, Facebook, Twitter or (surprise!) Evernote. They can even be beamed to a connected Apple TB using AirPlay.

The best part? Skitch, like Evernote, is free to download. Get grabbing!

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    This is a simple-to-use tool that renders impressive results. I continue to appreciate the folks at Evernote for providing such excellent apps.