CovertChirp Will Fool Your Boss Into Thinking You’re Working While You Tweet


Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 10.40.13 AM

Back in the 80s, slacking off at the office was no more rare than it is today, but while these days most of our time that we should be working is spent on Twitter, Facebook and blogs (thanks for that, by the way), in the 80s, it was more often than not spent gaming on your company PC.

Enter the Boss Key, a wonderful relic of covert 80s slacking. Let’s say you were playing a game on your company PC, and your boss walked by. By simply hitting a key on your button, you could instantly replace what was on the screen with a quasi-official looking spreadsheet, full of boring figures and dry analysis. When your boss left the environs of your cubicle, pushing the Boss Key again would allow you to plunge back into the game.

Neat, huh? Well, think of CovertChirp kind of like a Boss Key for iOS, except it doesn’t help your gaming stay undetected… it helps you covertly tweet.

As you can see, there’s not much to CovertChirp. It’s a very simple Twitter client that looks almost identical to the default iOS Notes application. If someone looks over your shoulder, they’ll probably mistake the interface for you typing in notes, and if your boss decides to scrutinize? There’s even a boss key that will instantly whisk your tweets away.

Don’t expect to find functionality as robust as a regular Twitter client here. CovertChirp is designed to only be good enough to do some light tweeting during meetings, not serve as your dedicated app. For helping your stealth your slacking, though, CovertChirp is pretty rad, especially at the price of just a buck.


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