Has Apple Blocked App Store Downloads On Devices Running iOS 3.1.3?



Users who are still running the iOS 3.1.3 software on their iPhones and iPod touches are reporting that a recent App Store update has blocked them from downloading new apps directly to their devices. The update was issued on December 16, and users have been unable to download new apps since, though they can still download updates to existing apps.

Some devices are restricted to the iOS 3.1.3 software, such as the first-generation iPhone, while other users simply choose to stick with the software for personal preferences, such as jailbreaking. However, those who are able to upgrade may have just been giving a little more encouragement, as Apple has seemingly blocked App Store downloads from the iOS 3.1.3 software.

A lengthy discussion on the Apple Support Communities — which spans 7 pages, has 6,179 views, and 96 replies at the time of writing this story — is full of complaints from users who cannot download apps using the older iOS software, while Engadget reports that it has been able to replicate the issue on its own devices.

One user, who started the discussion, reports that it isn’t just downloading that’s a problem:

1) clicking on the price no longer downloads the app,

2) the ratings button does nothing,

3) the ‘tell a friend’ and ‘git this app’ buttons jump back to the top of the app window,

4) pictures usually don’t show up.  They usually appear as five gray rectangular boxes with white borders (though in one app one too-large-for-the-window picture shows up (see pic),

5) the ‘app support’ button still goes to the developer’s website.

6) the ‘top in-app purchases’ banner is just text now.

It’s unclear whether this is just a bug with Apple’s latest App Store update, or whether the Cupertino company has restricted access to older firmwares. Those affected are hoping it’s the former, and are currently awaiting a response from Apple.

[via Engadget]


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  • joewaylo

    It could be a technical issue. Android had these issues before. Then again, they are using a two years old version which has several incompatibility issues for iOS 4.X apps using a 3.1.3 version.

  • Hampus

    Looking at the symptoms this look a lot more like a bug than a block…
    I just get this feeling it would be more obvious if Apple where blocking old device, I think the Appstore would state it outright instead of showing up broken…

  • Pratik Thakkar

    I just updated my, evernote and facebook app this morning. I have a first gen iTouch 3.1.3. I can’t download new apps though, seems like a technical glitch.

  • ????????? ????•~

    the article says that users with 3.1.3 can update existing apps but cant download new ones,  please read.

  • Pratik Thakkar

    Yea, I updated my comment after checking.