Batman Is Coming To The App Store Later Tonight In This Unreal Engine 3 Powered Game



I love Rocksteady’s series of Batman games for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. They are loving, incredibly crafted tributes to the Dark Knight clearly made by fans who get Batman, who is equal parts acrobat, brawler, psychopath, hero, detective and muscle. That’s why I’m excited to check out Batman: Arkham City Lockdown when it is released later tonight.

Built on the same version of the Unreal Engine as Infinity Blade, the game ties-in to the plot of the recently released (and incredible) Batman: Arkham City to feature Batman fighting some of his greatest opponents (including Joker, Two-Face, Solomon Grundy and Deathstroke) in one-on-one combat.

I’m a little wary of the game after checking out this in-game footage, though. In Rocksteady’s Batman games, fighting as Batman is all about gracefully spinning, lunging, pirouetting and countering the blows of crowds of enemies, stringing individual attacks into a series of moves that can make entire gangs feel like Batman is everywhere at once. In the iOS game, though, he’s more like a street brawler, fighting bad guys in clumsy one-on-one combat. It’s a little un-Batman-like.

Still, I’m looking forward to giving it a try. Arkham City Lockdown should be available later tonight as a universal app, compatible iPhone 3GS and above, 3rd generation iPod touch and above, and all models of iPad. It’ll cost $5.99.

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  • GregsTechBlog

    Almost looks like “Batman does Infinity Blade”. Still, after all the problems Infinity Blade 2 is having, that’s not such a bad thing. 

  • John Lehmkuhl

    Looks boring and repetitive – pretty much like Infinity Blade – minus the ability to get cooler weapons… Just fist fighting for Batman? Say it isn’t so!