Win A Free Epson Projector From Cult Of Mac And Create A Movie Theater In Your House! [Giveaway]

Win A Free Epson Projector From Cult Of Mac And Create A Movie Theater In Your House! [Giveaway]

At Cult of Mac we’re huge fans of going to the movies. Few experiences can compare to seeing pretty boy Ryan Gosling beating the crap out of Ron Perlman on a towering 70ft x 30ft screen. As long as the film doesn’t feature Shia LaBeouf then we’re down to watch it (sometimes we’ll even make an exception for the former Even Stevens star). The only problem is that showing up to the movie theater in your underwear is frowned upon in most countries. Thankfully, Epson makes some pretty kick ass projectors that bring the movie theater experience to your home so you don’t have to bother with those weird things called “pants.”

This week we’re really lucky to be teaming up with the awesome folks at Epson to give away a brand new iPhone-compatible projector. $700 is already a pretty awesome price for their superb projector, but because it’s Christmas, they’re generously letting us giveaway their brand new MegaPlex MG-50HD Projector for free! Without a doubt this is the coolest projector we’ve ever gotten our hands on. It comes with two built-in 10-watt speakers, a dock for your iPhone or iPad and is incredibly portable so you can take the fun with you wherever you go.

Speaking from experience, watching Home Alone and Elf on this thing will make the holidays 50 times more pleasurable no matter which of your annoying family members decides to pay you a visit for Christmas.

Here are the rules on how to enter the giveaway:

1) Like us on Facebook.

2) Follow us on Twitter

3) Leave a Comment on this article containing both your Twitter username and Facebook profile url so we can verify that you’ve entered.

We’ll be selecting one random winner on Tuesday, December 13th at 9am PST, and will ship the projector out to you in time for some Christmas enjoyment.

Want to earn one extra entry into the contest? Re-Tweet any article from Cult of Mac today and add the tag #iLoveCultofMac and we’ll put your name in the drawing twice (only one extra entry per person).

Epson would love to let you know about other great promotions they’ll be having throughout the holidays, so if you’re interested in their amazing products, follow them on Twitter, or like their Facebook Page.

(note: Contest is open to readers worldwide)

Update: And the winner is….@RMeggy!!!

Thanks for playing everyone. We appreciate the great feedback we received for this giveaway and we’re going to try and have big giveaways like this more often, so keep coming back for more chances to win.

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